Recent (okay, two years out, but that still counts as recent, right?) college grad from Salt Lake City/Los Angeles. Aquarius. Writer. Lover of chocolate, adventures, and fairy tales.

I write Young Adult novels, among other things. My work is represented by John Cusick of Folio Literary Management. He’s the greatest literary agent ever. Right now, I am working on a new project that has been fermenting in my head for a couple years.

Someday, I hope to become a doctor involved in both clinical care and research. I spent some time doing research at the National Cancer Institute after graduating college, and the scientific process is dear to my heart.

As of June 2017, I am living in Jaipur, India on a Fulbright grant from the U.S. Department of State. Disclaimer: This is not an official Department of State website or blog, and the views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Fulbright Program or the U.S. Department of State.

This is where I will be blogging about all things related to writing, medicine, science, India, etc. Welcome!