It is H O T

Are we dying of heat? Possibly. Can we afford our A.C. bill this month? Remains to be seen.

Last weekend, Mina and I went out exploring in Jaipur. We visited the Hawa Mahal (wind palace), a major tourist destination in Jaipur’s Old City. Situated in the middle of a lively bazaar, this palace was built in 1799 to allow royal women to watch street processions without being seen. It’s a stunning example of Mughal architecture. We ghumed (wandered) for several hours, until I got too dehydrated and grumpy to continue. Yayyy Jaipur heat.

Outside the Hawa Mahal/street view
Me, sweating
Inside the Hawa Mahal looking out at the street like a courtesan

Earlier this week I ordered some stuff from Amazon Prime India. Yesterday, the postman called my cell phone to ask for directions to our street (speaking only in Hindi, of course). I had to try to describe how to find Mangal Marg in Hindi without knowing the postman’s current location. Somehow, I feel like this experience aptly describes my entire life in India…nothing is ever quite as simple as you expect it to be, even something as uniform as ordering from Amazon.

Mina and I currently live in a temporary apartment. We will move into our permanent apartment (same building) sometime next week. Anytime we leave a window open, the pigeons attack. It’s insanity.

Shifty pigeon, waiting for the perfect moment to strike

On the plus side, having a gas stove allowed us to cook this wholly American delicacy for dinner the other night: scrambled eggs, toast, and Sprite. Dining like queens.


Anyways, time for me to go roast alive in my room for the evening. Here’s to monsoons and cooler (hopefully) weather ahead.


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